IntoCare Immersion Workshop-2023 3rd Wet Lab in Marseille, France

Author:IntoCare Date:2023-12-02

IntoCare achieved a significant milestone by hosting its third Immersion Workshop of the year on December 1st in Marseille, France. The workshop seamlessly integrated academic exchange, technical demonstrations, and hands-on practical experiences, successfully engaging a gathering of 11 bariatric and colorectal surgeons from the Middle East and Europe. The event served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and professional collaboration among experts in the field.

Andy Wang, Sales Director of Asia Pacific and Middle East from IntoCare, served as the Moderator, guiding the whole workshop. The workshop officially commenced with warm and insightful opening speeches delivered by Mrs. Eva Zhang, CEO of IntoCare Medical, and Mr. Fadi Mahmoud, CEO of Med Surg Solutions (MSS).

Following that, our Marketing Director Patricia Tong delivered a presentation on IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform. This innovative system, featuring E-Stapling Technology, provides a steamlined, ergonomic and intuitive stapling experience.  It significantly reduces the learning curve for surgeons and boosts confidence in consistent anastomotic integrity.


Afterwards, the stage was graced by four distinguished doctors from various countries who delivered exceptional presentations on the most recent advancements and techniques in the realms of bariatric and colorectal surgery. Their contributions enriched the event, providing attendees with valuable insights into the forefront of medical practices in these specialized fields.

Among the distinguished presenters, Dr. Ronald Denis from Canada shared insightful findings from a short-term study conducted at his Canadian bariatric center. The study compared SADI (Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileostomy) surgery with OAGB (One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass) as a revisional surgery for non-responder sleeve gastrectomy cases. This valuable research contributes to the evolving understanding of revisional surgeries in the context of bariatric interventions.


Dr. Yves Van Molhem from Belgium also shared his clinical study and experience using IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform on the Bow Tie Technique: A New Technique for Single Stapled Anastomosis. The Bow Tie Technique is a safe and feasible method for creating a transabdominal single stapled anastomosis after sigmoidectomy or (low) anterior resection.  Dr. Van Molhem showcased the convenience of this technique in comparison to traditional methods and shared compelling research results, shedding light on its potential to enhance procedural efficiency and patient outcomes.


Pr. David Nocca and Pr. Mehdi Karoui from France also shared their experiences of using IntoCare intelligent powered stapling platform for Nissen Sleeve surgery and colorectal surgery respectively. Their presentations underscored the high performance and user-friendly nature of the IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform, showcasing its adaptability and efficacy across diverse surgical scenarios. Their insights added valuable perspectives on the platform's versatility and ease of use in various clinical applications.


he afternoon session unfolded as an immersive hands-on experience, involving 11 surgeons guided by esteemed KOL speakers in utilizing the IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform. As they engaged with the platform, they experienced its intelligent, precise, and stable features firsthand. The surgeons expressed satisfaction with the stapler's operation, commending its perfect staple formation and overall excellent performance. The session also fostered a collaborative environment, with surgeons exchanging new skills, learning from each other's strengths, and collectively enhancing their proficiency with the innovative stapling platform.


The workshop concluded with speech delivered by Mr. Gilles Pizot, CEO of WIN'UP Surgical, expressing gratitude to all the participating doctors. He extended heartfelt thanks for their invaluable contributions of professional knowledge and experience, which significantly enriched the event and added substantial value. This acknowledgment highlighted the collaborative spirit and shared commitment to advancing medical expertise within the context of the workshop.


This workshop was another showcase of IntoCare intelligent powered stapling platform on a global scale. It not only demonstrated IntoCare's innovation and quality assurance in bariatric and colorectal fields, but also enhanced our end users' confidence and loyalty.  The event's success fuels our anticipation of continued collaboration with more doctors, as we collectively contribute to the ongoing development of the bariatric and colorectal surgery fields. We are enthusiastic about fostering further advancements through collaboration and shared expertise.

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