IntoCare™ Disposable Powered Linear Stapler(ILS)

The concept of IntoCare™ Powered Stapling Platform originates from the deepest concern and consideration for patients as well as surgeons.
IntoCare™ Powered Stapling Platform enables surgeons to focus more on the procedure and patient with consistent clinical outcomes. Our Universal Powered Handle is designed to connect our full range of disposable staplers that reduces the need to change various instruments during the procedure,
enhances procedure time and reduces total procedural cost while shortening the learning curve.
IntoCare™ is dedicated to unsurpassed quality and performance to redefine surgical stapling with innovation.


Start the Journey with the World's First Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform.

IntoCare Powered Stapling Platform with E-Stapling Technology, offers an ergonomic, intuitive and uniformed stapling system resulting in a reduced learning curve for surgeons and simplified ease of use, and boosts confidence in consistent anastomotic integrity for a safer surgery.