IntoCare at the 26th IFSO World Congress in Naples, Italy

Author:IntoCare Date:2023-09-02

From August 30th to September 1st, the 26th IFSO World Congress was successfully held in Naples, Italy. As Europe stands as one of IntoCare's most significant core markets, IntoCare attended this conference with its flagship Intelligent Powered Staplers, the "X-in-One" series of products.

IFSO is composed of 72 national  societies of bariatric surgeons and  integrated health communities who are dedicated to unify the global scientific, surgical and integrated health communities, for the purpose of dissemination of knowledge, collaboration and establishing universal standards of care for the treatment of individuals with adiposity-based chronic disease. During the past three days, IntoCare had the opportunity to showcase our World First Intelligent Powered Stapler Platform to a receptive audience. Interacting with them allowed us to receive valuable feedback on our products. We gained insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by healthcare professionals in the field, helping us tailor our new generations of products to better meet their requirements.

During the Congress, IntoCare hosted a welcome dinner at the Ospedale della Pace e Lazzaretto Museum, providing a platform for academic exchange among professionals. Prior to the formal dinner, we had the privilege of listening to an outstanding presentation by Professor Gennaro Rispoli, who eloquently discussed the history of surgical advancements, from the barber to the surgeon and the continuous evolution and development of the field. It was an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our esteemed partners from Italy INNOVAMEDICA S.P.A., Canada Liaison Medical, the UK CJ Medical, and Saudi Arabia Med Surg Solutions (MSS) and also our  devoted International Sales & Marketing team for your unwavering support. Special thanks to our Italian partners, whose exceptional support in making this event a resounding success! 

Together we do better, together we go further!

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