Clinical Research Report Meeting on Colorectal Powered Stapling Technology

Author:Administrator Date:2022-10-20

IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler is World's First Intelligent Powered Circular Stapler. 

In order to fully verify the safety and reliability of clinical application of IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler, and explore the advantages of IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler in clinical application, IntoCare together with Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Hospital, Shanghai Changhai Hospital, Peking Friendship Hospital and the First Hospital of Jilin University conducted a multi-center clinical trial to compare the clinical use of IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler (experimental group) and market leading brand stapler (control group).

By September 2022, the target number of 400 cases enrolled in controlled group had all been completed successfully.

On Oct.14th, as a branch meeting of “The fifth National Summit Forum on Surgical Technology and Comprehensive Treatment of rectal Cancer”, “Clinical Research Report Meeting on Colorectal Powered Stapling Technology” sponsored by IntoCare, has been successfully kicked off. Prof. Zhongtao Zhang from Peking Friendship Hospital and Prof. Xinxiang Li from Shanghai Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Hospital as chairman, Prof Jianghong Bu, Honorary Director of Chinese Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Prof. Zhongcheng Liu from Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital as moderators participated in the meeting. All four professors gave a concluding statement that the 400 cases enrolled multi-center clinical trials had been done successfully. The comparison data shows the performance of IntoCare Powered Circular stapler is better than market leading manual circular staplers, the results are encouraging. 

Following, Prof. Xinxiang Li gave a detailed presentation on the advantages of anastomotic time, bleeding, fistula and stenosis using IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler based on the clinical evidence. 

Prof. Wei Zhang stated his best experience using IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler: Stability which can minimize the interference of human factors on anastomosis.

Prof. Guole Lin talked about his clinical evaluation and stated that IntoCare fully Powered Circular Stapler with ergonomic holding position makes the surgical operation more stable and safer for digestive tract reconstruction.

In the end, concluded by Prof. Quan Wang, “IntoCare Powered Circular Stapler shortens the operation time and is very recommended and suitable for low rectal and trans-anal rectal surgery.  

As the World's First Intelligent Powered Circular Stapler, IntoCare truly redefines innovation in surgical stapling.

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