IntoCare at the 30th ESTS Meeting in Hague, Netherlands

Author:Administrator Date:2022-06-21

IntoCare participated the 30th ESTS Meeting in Hague, Netherlands from June 19th-21st, 2022. 

ESTS is the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons. It joins together more than 1.200 members coming from 70 different countries all over the world. Every year since 1993, a European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery is celebrated, achieving a high quality scientific content. 

It is great opportunity for Intocare to meet all the renowned thoracic surgeons. “Light weight”, “easy to manipulate”, “perfect fit in the hand”, “phenomenal circular stapler” and “very innovative”. These are the most common feedbacks received from the surgeons and experts on the scene. They were all amazed by the Innovative and Practical products from a Chinese medical brand, which broke the impression left by traditional domestic brands. When they learned that IntoCare has 357 patents strategically laid out globally, of which 60% are invention patents, and 167 have already been authorized, they all raised their thumbs.

The surgeons and experts speak highly of the design of X in One, a universal powered handle compatible with various staplers. They said that this eco-friendly design is pioneering and forward-looking. It is also a powerful testimony of IntoCare’s response to global energy conservation and emission reduction policies. 

Your recognition of IntoCare and IntoCare’s Products are our motivation to advance. 


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