CEO's speech at Experience Exchange Meeting for National Centralized Medical Consumables Procurement

Author:Administrator Date:2022-05-28

Since the implementation of the first round of National Centralized Drug Procurement by the Chinese government in 2019, a prominent price reduction has been achieved. Gradually, the National Centralized Procurement has been extended to the Medical Equipment field, which brings benefits to local hospitals and the majority of patients, while on the other hand, medical product manufacturers face certain challenges.

Under such a scenario, the Experience Exchange Meeting for National Centralized Medical Consumables Procurement was organized to provide a platform for companies to express their own opinions and experience.

Eva Zhang, CEO of IntoCare Medical gave a marvelous speech on her experience and exploration for National Centralized Medical Consumables Procurement as an independent innovative company. As a local innovative medical product manufacturer, we very much hope to provide local hospitals and patients with high-quality and competitive Chinese made products, and make a modest contribution to the development of the local medical industry. Meanwhile, how do we maintain the quality of products while reducing the price to benefit doctors and patients.

We believe, by transforming Patient Care through Insight and Innovation, we can achieve a leadership role in improving the quality of healthcare and contributing to patient care.


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