Forum on Concerning GERD Following Sleeve Gastrectomy


On Jun. 30th, together with Chinese Medical Association Publishing House, Forum on Concerning GERD Following Sleeve Gastrectomy was successfully rounded off.

Prof. Zhongtao Zhang gave us a brilliant opening speech.

Prof Charles Zhang and Prof. Yan Gu gave remarkable moderation for two separate sections.

As the first speaker, Prof. Saeed Safari’s presentation raised heated discussion, through years of practice, the GERD is becoming an unneglectable problem. It’s general consensus that there is no efficient way to avoid GERD, what we can do is to do very careful medical evaluation and provide the most suitable solution for patients.

As our last speaker of the webinar, Prof. Fadi Sleilati’s new treatment with Ligamentum teres cardiopexy combined with the closure of the gastric crus for GERD in patients with previous sleeve gastrectomy and hiatal hernia also raised a hot discussion.  

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