Animal trials in China


Animal trials have always been one of the important methods to evaluate the effectiveness, safety and scientificity of medical devices. By studying the medical device performance on animals, experts can further deduce the possible clinical outcome on human bodies.

From the beginning, Intocare has carefully, rigorously drafted and confirmed the animal trial protocol, during which the protocol has been mended dozens of times and reviewed by renowned experts in China.

Up till now, there has been altogether 5 times of animal trials in China as well as abroad. Surgeons all spoke highly of Intocare™ products. According to some of them, Intocare™ Powered Staplers are the products “demanded-for-years”.

Medical cannot develop without the animal trails. It is one of the most reliable ways to acquire the actual clinical outcomes. Thanks to the animals who sacrifice in the history of medical history, without whom we will  never be able to achieve what we have achieved. And Intocare will continue to do our small part and try to make a difference by transforming patient care through insights and innovation.

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