27th Meeting of the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons

Author:Administrator Date:2019-06-15

Being the biggest thoracic surgery focused meeting in the world, 27th Annual Meeting of European Society of Thoracic Surgeons was held in the beautiful Dublin Ireland this year. This meeting gathers thousands of delegates across Europe as well as the world. Certainly, Intocare wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Intocare, though as a young company, is dedicated to be just as professional as multi-national companies, and eventually will become a leading character in the surgical stapling industry. Therefore attending the 27th ESTS Meeting is a great opportunity for Intocare to meet all the renowned thoracic surgeons and receive firs-handed feedback.


During three days of ESTS meeting, Intocare attracts the attention of a lot delegates, surgeons as well as fellow exhibitors. After actually plying with our products and getting to know some of the details, everyone certainly thinks highly of our series products and effusively praises were coming from all direction.

 “Beautiful”,”Amazing”,“Ergonomic”,”Surprising”… just to name a few remarks. Meanwhile we received several suggestions as well.


It is all very encouraging and inspiring, but we will not be high-headed. During the exhibition we also attended several conferences, symposiums, sessions and debates. We made the most of this chance to keep track with what’s the latest in Thoracic surgeries.


We do realize there’s still a long way to go but we have the confidence to achieve the goal we set. The 27th  ESTS meeting has been very fruitful. Until next time!


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